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Photoshoot Time!

Hong Le

Well it's been a long while since I have put pen to paper (figuratively speaking) and write about my experiences and thoughts about my journey these past few months. Apologies for my neglect but I assure you I haven't just been lazing about enjoying my "lady of leisure" days hahaha. 

It's go go go in the world of makeup and beauty and for the past few months I have been working tirelessly to build my professional portfolio. I have come across the most amazing and talented bunch of people and am very grateful that they were and still are happy enough to openly offer me their words of wisdom and show me first hand their practical knowledge and experience in this competitive industry I call my WORLD! 

My passion still lies within bridal work however to challenge myself creatively I am branching out and doing things out of my comfort zone to test my ability to see beauty in a different light so to speak. I have been so mind blown by the amount of effort that goes into a photoshoot ; from the photographer to the makeup and hair artist to the stylist styling the shoot. The attention to detail for each photoshoot is astounding and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

I would like to thank all of the following people who have helped me in my creative journey. I have had so much fun and I know there is definitely more to come in future. And if I miss anyone I am sure thinking about you! I do have a short term memory so excuse my gold fish memory. 

Mia Connor (Makeup Artist)  -

Shannon Williams (Hair Artist) -

Elizabeth Grinter (Photographer) -

Jose Arturo Vides (Photographer) -

Nathalie Alexandra (Stylist) -

Chris Polakk (Photographer) -

Here a just a few photos to show you what I have worked on so far. There is definitely more images coming soon. Most are still in post production.