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Makeup Artist and their pricing strategies

Hong Le

Good Morning World!

It's been a while since I have updated my blog so I thought I would take time out to share with you my thoughts and what I have been up to these past few days that are passing by way too quickly. 

I've been racking my brain trying to come up with innovative ideas to take my business to a new level. So while researching and facebooking at the same time I came across an interesting blog about "Makeup Artist and their pricing strategy". I thought I would share this with you all to help communicate the importance of a great bridal service that is lacking in the industry. So many who claim they are a qualified makeup or hair artist out there under cut prices so much that it tarnishes the beauty industry for the rest of us! 

We all want to offer competitive prices to our clients and we understand that you as a bride are on a budget as weddings can get a bit out of hand. However remember that it is YOUR WEDDING DAY and it only comes around once in your lifetime! So make the most of it and don't compromise on your makeup and hair as it is the first thing that your guests will look at when you walk down the aisle apart from your beautiful wedding gown that you have spent so much of your hard earned money on. 

At the end of the day you get what you pay for and in all honesty I charge what I know is right for my bridal services. My services are custom made to suit each bride and I tailor it so that each individual receives the highest quality of service and have the most relaxed and enjoyable experience.

Remember that a picture can paint a thousand words and if you are unhappy with your bridal makeup and hair I can guarantee that your wedding album will be hidden somewhere at the bottom of a draw which you have paid thousands of dollars for.  

For those of you who are planning your wedding for 2014 congratulations and good luck with this exciting new chapter of your life. I hope you all like my blog and may the year of the Horse bring you all great happiness and prosperity. Have a great Chinese New Year and see you all soon!

xoxo Hong-LeRougeBeauty